youth unemployment and crime in the united kingdom

youth unemployment and crime in the united kingdom

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Is America winning or losing the war? What is the measurement of success?  Have the benefits outweighed the costs?  These are the questions that are going to be studied and analyzed in the paper.  People should want to know about this research topic because basically it is one of this nation’s greatest problems.  We are spending billions of dollars as a nation to fight a war in a country we know little to nothing about.  We are putting our grandchildren under mountains of debt. We are fighting a game we do not know how to win.  With all of its tactical difficulties and strategical problems, the war in Afghanistan is a war that we should not be willing to lose, but it is going to probably happen that we will lose anyway since for the most part we really don’t know what we’re doing over there. According to Tanner (2002), “The ranks of the Taliban grew in direct proportion to the society’s desperate desire for order” It has been proven that it would be fruitless for American troops to go into the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.  The place is a dead zone. Actually, there are many places in Afghanistan that are like that.  Outposts are in the middle of places where there are no people.  Much of the problem with Afghanistan is the fact that the targets that we have are very vague.  Outposts are at-times in the middle of nowhere.ttacks can come from anywhere.  This is what makes fighting there so scary.   One minute, everything might be fine.  The next minute, one might be under attack. Essentially, nothing is for certain in Afghanistan.  The place is crawling with mujahideen. Another problem is IED’s.  They are everywhere and a constant danger. Another consideration is the climate.  In the winter, it is cold and unforgiving in Afghanistan to the nth degree.

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