Your Future Awaits

Your Future Awaits

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The purpose of this Portfolio Project is for you to outline your career plan. You should have reviewed the resources at the CareerCenter in Module 3.For this option, you will write an 8-10 page paper.In this paper you will:Describe the resources available in the Career Center.Complete at least two of the resources in the Career Center >Finding a Job section of the Student Portal.Then, complete two more of the resources in the Finding a job > Personal Career Evaluation section of the Student Portal.Include the results at the end of your reflection.Reflect on your professional career, assessing where you are and where you would like to be. You may use some of the assessments you completed throughout the course to assist you in this exercise.Using this reflection, identify three strengths you bring to an organization as a leader.Align your strengths with two of the following areas:Communication skills Effective management Decision making Problem solvingLeadership Describe your projected career path. Develop a plan for a leadership approach you believe will help you achieve your career goals.You must support your work with a minimum of five academic sources from the CSU Global Library. These sources should be in addition to course materials and should include peer-reviewed journals. It is acceptable to write this paper using first-person referencing.Follow APA format, according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include a title page and reference page.

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