Written Exercise 7 Discussion

Written Exercise 7 Discussion

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Here are the instructions to the following assignment.  The information for this assignment can be found on FEMA.COM   Google… FEMA Leadership and Influence 240 B.  I live in Gloucester Virginia. You may google my County under Gloucester County website and use Richmond Virginia as well.

Written Exercise 7 Discussion

The FEMA IS-240B course introduces a number of, leadership and influence principles and concepts. As the course serves to highlight, effective leadership and influence are critical skill areas for anyone working in emergency management. Professionals working in this arena must have the ability to provide effective leadership when disaster strikes, and their actions can have a significant impact on both emergency responders and the general public in times of crisis. Moreover, decisions made can determine how quickly a community is able to recover from an event.
Please reflect on the IS-240B course materials and identify a minimum of 5 concepts/principles introduced in the course. One of the concepts must be the importance of fostering a leadership environment. However, you are free to select the other remaining concepts/principles. Next, please critically analyze the applicable concepts/principles and how each can be applied to:

1.    Your professional work setting/organization

2.    The emergency management community

3.    Your jurisdiction

Note: Please refer to the directions and guidelines for options (paper submission or PowerPoint presentation) regarding this Written Exercise

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