Written Assignment/Case Study: Ethical Principles

Written Assignment/Case Study: Ethical Principles

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The authors offer five guidelines to follow in conflicted cases such as this. They are as follows:1.Better reasons can be offered to act on the overriding norm than on the infringed norm. For example, typically if persons have a right, their interests deserve a special place when balancing those interests against the interests of persons who have no comparable right.2.The moral objective justifying the infringement has a realistic prospect of achievement.3.No morally preferable alternative actions can be substituted.4.The form of infringement selected is the least possible, commensurate with achieving the primary goal of the action.5.The agent seeks to minimize the negativemeffects of the infringement (Tong, 2007). Once you have read andmreviewed the details of the case, please write a brief essay thatmdiscusses balancing the principles of Nonmaleficence, Beneficence,mAutonomy, and Justice using these five guidelines in the case of Armando Dimas.

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