Write a Critical Review of an Article

Write a Critical Review of an Article


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Research question is” Is internet security a threat to developing countries?” And I have the following Research Methodology: This research will heavily rely on questionnaires to interview the various stakeholders in the developing countries. Those expected to be interviewed include: IT professionals, internet service providers, government security agencies and internet companies. The questionnaires will contain all the relevant questions that will help in acquiring the required information for this research. The available data on internet security will also be observed. This will involve analysis of existing data on cybercrimes, illegal hacking and other vital statistics from the research agencies. Such an analysis willhelp in acquiring the existing statistics on internet security.

Based on the above information Write a Critical Review of an Article (2 pages) For this assignment, you will choose an article pertinent to my research topic “Is internet security a threat to developing countries?” and write a review of it. Need to “de-construct” the article for the reader, analyzing the claims that the author is making and how well he supports those claims. You will also explain how this article fits into your research strategy to answer your research question. Does it provide some insights but still leave you wondering?

The paper should have following rubric:

What claims does the author make? (20 pts)

How well are the claims supported (facts and reasoning)?

How does the article fit into your research strategy?

Does the article support you in developing an answer about your research question?

Did you gain insight? Leave you wondering? Or both?


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