Women in the U.S. Military: Improving the status of women.

Women in the U.S. Military: Improving the status of women.

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You can pick any book that deals with women in the U.S. Military as long as the book relates to each of the 5 important points (see format below) to the course. Some of these important points will easily relate to the course; other may not be well connected at all.Background on the Course: This course is a survey of the development of the American armed forces as instruments of national policy at home and abroad and as organizations reflecting American society. The course examines the enormous influence of war and preparation of war on US society from 1865 to present. This course also addresses the extent to which military institutions have
reflected the structure of politics and society.

FORMAT FOR BOOK REVIEW: Review of “Book Title” by Author, publisher and publishing date.Reviewer: Your name hereFirst is a summary of the book. This can be as much as 250 words or so and give a general overview of what the author was trying to do. If you quote or paraphrase from the book, be sure to properly cite the source.The author’s five most important points follow: 1. Point one is a one-liner ( The first point should be the most significant).2. point two;3. etc;4. etc; and 5. the last one (This last should be least significant).

Finally, the tie into the course.This book is related to the course by…use additional discussion of agreements, extensions, and conflict between the course and the book’s five points make up the rest of this conclusion. If there are a number of points of agreement or disagreement between the book and the course, additional paragraphs may be necessary, perhaps as many as one paragraph for each one of the five important points.

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