wk4 495

wk4 495

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Do NOT combine LA1 and LA2Both LA1 and LA2 should be around 250 wordsLearning Activity #11)  Using the company you selected for Week # 3 Learning Activity (Southwest Airlines or Subway), it is now time to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you uncovered and determine what strategy is best suited based on the outcome of the IEF EFE.  Discuss which generic business-level strategy is best suited to keep the company you selected competitive.  Offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statements using proper APA formatting.

Learning Activity #21)  Select one of the strategy formulation analytic tools and complete based on the information gathered in the Week # 3 Learning Activities; the tools to select from are:Space Matrix, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix, IE MatrixOnce you have completed the tool discuss the outcome in terms of what strategy direction the selected company should take and why. As always, offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statement using proper APA formattingHelpful

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