What role does social class play?

What role does social class play?

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My subject is Humanities . I want you to write a proposal of 1000 words and also an essay of 3000 words, both proposal and the essay must be based on two novels . The proposal should be written separately from the essay. The first novel is Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice (1813) and the second novel is Braine John.Room at the Top (1957) . My topic is “What role does social class play in these two novels? Discuss these two novels in the essay please.

My learning outcomes are:

Knowledge and Understanding: 1. Identify and outline fundamental and limited concepts and principles in the Arts and Humanities from appropriate sources, and the methods used to gather data.
Intellectual Skills: 2. Use given classifications, principles and theories to identify, collate, justify and/or analyse informations, data and appropriate literature.
Practical Skills: 3. Convey information in English which is generally accurate.
4. Demonstrate awareness of the need to indicate sources of information accurately.

Transferable Skills: 5. Carry out simple exploration of a topic with clear support and guidance.


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