What constitutes ‘performance’ for a Business School?

What constitutes ‘performance’ for a Business School?

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“What constitutes ‘performance’ for a Business School?”

In addressing this question, students are expected to address two key main concerns. First, you will need to provide the reader with a clearly defined, comprehensive description of what ‘performance’ means for a business school or department (in a university or tertiary education environment). Second, you need to explain what causes performance, by identifying the drivers of business school performance and explaining how and why they cause variation in performance outcomes.

It is expected that you will conduct your own independent research, drawing on sources from both academic and practitioner literature to inform both components of this research essay. Feel free to use illustrations, examples or evidence from practice to support your answer. However, as this is an independent research essay, it is recommended that students do not use the case study for the group assignment as an example.

Keep in mind that there are several different perspectives about performance in the business school and university context. As you can see from the marking guide, you will need to strike a balance between providing a comprehensive description and explanation of performance, yet also provide a response that has depth, clarity and coherence.

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