Western Civilization Developments

Western Civilization Developments

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Format\n\nat least 1 page, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins\nMicrosoft Word, PDF, or Rich Text Format file\n \n\nHow can we explain the French Revolution and the major influence that it had in France and beyond? Give at least 2 well-supported explanations that show how earlier developments (1.1-1.6) explain the French Revolution and/or its influence beyond France (Developments 1.7-1.8). Each example should show your understanding of the French Revolution and the earlier development that you are linking it to.\n\n \n\nIncluding detailed examples and explanations to support the points that you make will strengthen your essay.\n\nThe \”Developments\” described above ex. (1.1-1.8) are from:\nThe book used for this class is called: THE SHAPING OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION-From the Reformation to the Present\nBy: Michael BurgerPreferred language style   US English

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