A well-managed multicultural team will outperform a homogeneous team.

A well-managed multicultural team will outperform a homogeneous team.

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There are four stages of the project, each with a deadline, each contributing to the grade. Stages 1 through 3 will be submitted to Moodle only, using provided templates and presentation guidelines. Feedback will be given. The fourth part, the final report document, will be printed and handed in, with an identical electronic version uploaded to Turnitin. 1. Week 12. Choosing a topic with a main issue or question as the focus of the work. Provides 10% of the project grade. A list of suitable general topic areas will be provided. The student will select a topic and conduct initial background research to determine the main issue, question or point of view for the purpose of the project. The student selects a brainstorming/planning tool (mind map, bubble diagram, etc.) and explains why. The chosen issue/question/PoV must be justified according to relevance, currency, availability of quality data, and availability of academic sources. 2. Week 13. The students document their progress with planning the methodology, structure, and content of the report. Provides 20% of the project grade. The work in section 1 is used to define research methods, which are documented and justified, and to create an outline plan of the report. 3. Week 14. Data and information sources. Provides 20% of the project grade. The student can now find the best available data to illustrate and support their arguments and make sure it is displayed in an appropriate format and used as evidence, not simply portrayed. Sources, spreadsheet workbooks, tables, and charts will be needed. 4. Week 15. Final report, printed and submitted to Bulle Academic Centre reception, and simultaneously to Turnitin through Moodle. Provides 50% of the project grade. Using the corrected work of the previous sections, the full and final document is built and submitted. It will be graded for structure (adhering to guidelines) 20%, logical sequence 20%, use of evidence (data and sources) 20%, effective academic writing style 20% and referencing 20%.

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