weekly discussions

weekly discussions

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Provide a list of your “Must Have Media” including TV shows, news sites, websites, books, etc and explain why each is important to you. Also, answer the following questions regarding media fragmentation. A) Does this list reflect your values? How? B) Do you feel that the demassification of mass media has had adverse effects or our society?
Positive effects? Explain and cite examples. Print Media Under Week 2 Discussions—Print Media, answer the  following questions regarding reporting: A) What variables about news-gathering are beyond the control of reporters and editors but nonetheless affect what people read, hear and see? B) How are journalists captives of the
personal values and biases they bring to their work? Can you provide and example of this through a video clip or story? Broadcast Media Under Week 3 Discussions—Broadcast Media, answer the following prompts in regard to broadcast media. Be sure to reference material from your textbook to validate your points. A) Is there any value left in the big-screen movie experience? B) Will online streaming video overtake the other motion-medias? Why or why not? C) How can broadcast television change to remain competitive and can you cite any examples of programming changes that they have made to do so already? How does “free content” in television play into this? D) Why is it difficult to regulate entertainment? Pornography?

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