week 6 assignment

week 6 assignment

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Discussion: Shared Practice: Values, Principles, Ethics, and Goals Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings. (I have attached two of my colleagues’ discussion postings to this order)Respond to two colleagues in the following way:

First, share with at least two colleagues your comments and thoughts about any three of the principles that he or she has defined. Use the following questions to shape your comments: Do you see a clear relationship between the values and principles? Are the principles really “principles” and not “values” or “goals”? Is there an account you read in your course text, Passion and Purpose: Stories From the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders, that might have a connection to the principles, values, and goal listed by your colleague? (I will also attach passion and purpose: Stores from the best and brightest young business leaders article to this order as well).
Second, pose three questions about the goal that your colleague created that will help him or her critically think about the goal as part of the Individual Reflection this week. Asking important, relevant questions is an important tool in both a leader and a follower’s skill set. It may not be as easy as you think to ask good, penetrating questions that can help your colleague. (Hint: You also need to provide your rationale for asking the question. By giving your colleague a rationale for asking, you will on generate fruitful dialogue and help with the reflection process.)
Remember, these questions are intended to help your colleague move their thoughts on this matter forward in a meaningful way. And, please, make an attempt to respond to colleagues that have not received a response yet.

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