water pollution in China

water pollution in China

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The purpose of this assignment is to begin defining your Advocacy Project. While the purpose of the HCP was to historically contextualize a specific problem (i.e. the purpose was ‘informative’), the AP requires that you make an argument for how to address that problem (i.e. the purpose is ‘persuasive’). The AGWR provides techniques for bridging the HCP and the AP (pp. 254-256), so use this exercise to brainstorm how you might make this transition between the two assignments.

The purpose of my HCP was to historically contextualize the development of solar power technology in the United States, particularly in Southern California, from 1984 to 2014. During my research, I found an interesting controversy surrounding Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS), i.e. utility-scale solar facilities centralized on ecologically important federal land in the Mojave Desert. Opponents of the SEGS model argued that a more efficient and environmentally

responsible alternative was a Distributed Generation (DG) model such as rooftop solar.

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