Various aspects of the key elements of personnel management. (fire Industry)

Various aspects of the key elements of personnel management. (fire Industry)

Order Details:

•Using your textbook as a guide for the fire industry; describe the various aspects of the key elements of personnel management.

•Compare and contrast with another industry of your choice.

•Choose three of what you consider the most important functions and best practices personnel managers can implement to overcome the challenges they face.
•Are there differences in personnel management practices between government/civil service, non-profit, and private sector organizations?

•Where do the industries you choose fall into these groups? How does budget/funding differ across these various types of organizations?

•This research paper should examine fully the skills, tools and implementation of managers when facing these challenges.

•This paper will be a formal APA 6th edition written paper with at least (8) references and citations in the content of the paper.

•The paper shall contain an “Abstract Page and “Reference Page”

•The paper should be at least 15 pages in length, double-spaced.

•The cover page and “Reference Page” do not count as pages for this paper

Fire Service Personnel Management Stephen Edwards, Brady/Prentice Hall, Inc 3rd Edition ISBN – 13-9780135126776 Recommended Materials

Pre-Written Pages: 15


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