US Imposes New Sugar Tariffs, but pacy may negate them

US Imposes New Sugar Tariffs, but pacy may negate them

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I want you to rewrite my paper for my final draft. My paper is three pages I want you to edit/add/delete and make it at least 5 pages and sources page. good start, but there are a few issues. Ethos, pathos, and logos and discussed and fairly well defined, but what about Wexler’s ethos on the author of the piece. What constraints are at work of the piece? Audience? Who are the primary and secondary heturs? finally, what did you learn from the article? where is your conclusion? implementation of your secondary source material? why rely one of those below is the official instructions from my professor for my FINAL SEMESTER PORTFOLIO:
As stated on the syllabus, the final portfolio for the semester is a collection of writings to be revised and analyzed. Because this is a process course, the final portfolio places emphasis on revision, one of the most important aspects of the writing process. You will choose two of the three assignments you have turned in over the course of the semester and submit the final drafts of those assignments, as well as their corresponding revisions. In addition, you will compose a reflection that discusses your writing process, your revisions, what you have learned about yourself as a writer while taking this course,  how you accomplished the course goals and what you have learned about the type of writing that will be required for your major and beyond. The final portfolio will be due the last day of class. Please note: The portfolio is NOT simply a collection of papers amassed during the semester; revisions and reflections must be made! Remember, the portfolio constitutes 600 points (in effect, 60%) of your Final Course Grade, so make sure you put forth every effort to turn in your best work!! Failure to turn in a Final Portfolio will result in an “F” for the course! No Late Portfolios will be accepted!

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