US History of Art 8-Page Research Paper

US History of Art 8-Page Research Paper

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Select one work of visual art (painting, sculpture, print, advertisement, performance piece, building, photograph, etc.), produced by a US artist, or by a foreign-born artist who worked in the United States, and then explain what the artwork reveals about the values and beliefs of the era in which it was produced. When you use one of the pieces of artwork provided, make sure you are certain that you can write the paper without simply rehashing readings. The paper should begin with a thesis statement before providing a concise description of the artwork, drawing out the visual evidence that is important for your particular argument. Your discussion should then be expanded to include other historical and/or art historical evidence. While you will need to reference outside sources, be aware that. I am not interested in receiving a summary of other scholars’ thoughts. Be Independent on how you feel about this piece of art. Please use artwork provided.

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