Unit 7: Physical and Motor Development: Ages 4 and 5

Unit 7: Physical and Motor Development: Ages 4 and 5

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Watch the video “Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program.”TeachingStrategies ErlyEd. (2012, Jul 18).

Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program. [Video file.] Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWlDeBB0T2sThese early childhood professionals have created a variety of enriching learning environments and strategies.

•Discuss strategies and environmental arrangements in the videos that were child-centered versus teacher-directed.

•What theories best align with these strategies and environmental arrangements and why? Please give specific examples in your answer. Choose one learning strategy from one of the videos and discuss how the you could extend the cognitive and language learning of children. Discuss specifically the learning environment, learning materials and learning strategies in your response to maximize language, cognition and literacy. Please be sure to address developmentally appropriate activities in your response.

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