Unit 15: Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results

Unit 15: Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results

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Develop a report including the below.

• Evaluate the inter-relationship between the different processes and function within the organisation. Identify and explain the college mission, aims & objectives and analyse against the performance of the organisation. (LO 1: 1.1)
• Justify the methodology to be used to map processes to the college’s objectives and functions and evaluate the output of the process and quality gateways. (LO 1: 1.2, 1.3)
• Design a plan to promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility and ensure plans are consistent with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.(LO 2: 2.1)
• Write objectives to ensure that they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way. ( LO 2: 2.2)
• Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organisational standards of quality. (LO 2: 2.3)
• Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control. (LO 2: 2.4)
• Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified by the organisation. (LO 3: 3.1)
• Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process (LO 3: 3.2)
• Recommend improvements which align with the organisation’s objectives and goals and which results in improvements. (LO 3: 3.3)
• Report on wider implications of proposed changes within the organisation. (LO 3: 3.4)


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