Understanding Language and Literacy in an Early Childhood Setting

Understanding Language and Literacy in an Early Childhood Setting

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Paper details Create a succinct and informative newsletter (Approx. 550 words) for parents in regards to the Steiner (Waldorf) teaching approach in an early childhood setting. • you may use bullet points and images in the newsletter Within your newsletter you should:• briefly explain key features and philosophies of the selected model/approach• explain the main teaching and learning strategies that a teacher of how an early childhood setting would  implement to support
children’s language and literacy according to the selected model/approach. You may focus on one aspect of the approach (e.g. the learning environment), or a particular teaching strategy (e.g. group projects in Reggio)• invite and encourage parents and families to be involved in their children’s language and literacy learning both at home and in the setting.Write an 550-word reflection covering the following points:• How can teachers use newsletters to encourage parental involvement?• What kind of language style did you use to make families feel welcome?• Why it is important to work in partnership with parents/families to support children’s language and literacy learning?• What strategies do teachers use to value the child’s home language/s and cultural backgrounds?

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