Understanding depth of Corporate demand for Classroom IT training in Kuwait city

Understanding depth of Corporate demand for Classroom IT training in Kuwait city

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Koenig Solutions Limited is a lead offshore IT training company headquartered in Delhi with 6 other branches in India, Dubai and Riyadh. Prevalent Macro-economic factors have forced a deeper analysis on whether further expansion in Gulf countries ( in this case – Kuwait) would call for a profitable business decision taking into consideration the rapid awareness of virtual learning. We will be studying the market in Kuwait City to understand the following: Overall satisfaction of Kuwait City corporate houses with the existing IT training players Potential Need for Koenig’s training center in Kuwait City with a view to operate in B2B segment Acceptability of Virtual Training and possible zero sum relationship between Classroom training and Virtual training Basic Market Information: Kuwait City has a plethora of corporate houses and the IT training market also has quite a few players operating out of which only a handful are established ones like New Horizons and Global Knowledge. Koenig already has quite a few corporates in Kuwait City sending their participants to Dubai however large portion of the market share remains to be tapped. Past meetings have facilitated an understanding that Businesses in Kuwait generally prefer local training companies for their training provided they meet their requirement before seeking out. However a certain portion of the market also pushes for offshore training to take advantage of per day allowances and a chance to go out of Kuwait for a paid leisure trip.


Very little data is available from credible sources to understand the patterns governing the IT learning market in Kuwait. Therefore a lot of efforts would be required on the ground to gather this intel.

Additionally, we need to find a way to get cultural acceptability to entice the targeted participants to participate actively in the surveys.

Further the majorly advancing learning community is witnessing increased acceptability towards Virtual learning. The trends are very volatile and forecasting the future is not easy. Considering this, it may warrant an extensive insight into the corporate training plans / budgets to understand long term profitability in addition to the pace of acceptance of virtual learning


Kuwait’s developmental plans towards vision 2035 have made it easier to do business in Kuwait for private companies. Therefore Internal barriers to entry would be less of concern in addition to the support from the Govt for spreading learning initiatives would potentially create an attractive business proposition. The pace of acceptability of self help initiatives (right from self help gasoline stations to Virtual learning platforms) have been traditionally slow in Gulf region. This could potentially be a blessing in disguise for Koenig to open a center locally Motivation for Subject Area: While only one of us works for Koenig, this particular topic apart from helping Koenig identify a new market to open its training facility, help all of us gain an important market understanding on how fast is traditional training method going to be substantially disrupted by alternative methods of learning especially in the Corporate sector. This learning will help all of us provide useful insights to our respective L&D departments on cost optimization

Research Questions: Would Koenig, by opening a training center in Kuwait City, gain a larger proportion of business than what is currently received in Dubai center from Kuwait and maintain sustainable growth with ongoing disruption from alternative learning methods Our objective would be to clinically do our research to explore this business opportunity in every manner by rigorously interviewing various IT and L&D managers from different companies accompanies with learnings from various other secondary sources to put forward a proposal to the management at Koenig on whether or not should they go ahead with opening a learning center in Kuwait

Frameworks and Literature:

Among the various theoritcal frameworks that we would use to do our research some of the key ones

would be :

Strategy Canvas ( Kim & Mauborgne)

 PESTLE Analysis

 NUF model (New Useful Feasible)

Important reference material for the project

O’Neil, H. and Perez, R. (2006). Web-based learning. Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Seidel, R. and Chatelier, P. (1997). Virtual reality, training’s future?. New York: Plenum Press.


Quantitative data would typically be used for understanding the size of the market in terms of

number of potential corporate customers (of a pre-defined business scale) and further the number

of players involved in the organized IT training service industry. We would be Compiling data from

national directories and Koenig’s existing in-house corporate database. It would largely involve desk


Qualitative database would be essential to understand customer behaviour and the same would be

a collected through a Multi-prong strategy of online surveys (We aim to reach atleast 50 responses

from such online surveys). The same would be clubbed with face to face meetings with atleast 15 IT

and L&D managers across different companies. The meetings would help us gain first hand

knowledge on how the IT learning industry is shaping up in Kuwait City.

How will your selected subject assist with your career plan?

The Subject, from the group’s point of view, help us gain an understanding of how disruptive forces

effect Kuwait Corporate market in terms of corporate learning. It was also potentially prove useful to

understand the trends in corporate learning and the how soon or late can the existing business get

effected. This study will prove beneficial in aligning ourselves to the changes in the market and also help

our respective teams in the future to incorporate optimized learning methods.

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