Uk decided to go out from the EU

Uk decided to go out from the EU

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Now that Britain has come out of the EU What could be done about the issues? Solve problem this is the issue and what could be done about these issues if the UK lives the EU related the grocery sector (Tesco in UK)

First issue is Primary production for example (Common fisheries policy)?Grocery sector (Tesco in UK) Second issue Trade for example (Free movement of goods) ?Grocery sector (Tesco in UK)

Third issue competition for example (Competition regulation)?Grocery sector (Tesco in UK)

Fourth issue People for example (Free movement of labour) ?Grocery sector (Tesco in UK)

Please make the answer related to grocery sector Tesco Company in UK

Answer this questions please separate each answer with the question (3)

How could this be applied from the forces to the grocery sector (Tesco)?

The 3 forces are Industry competition Potential entrants?

Possible substitute products? Quota (use examples related to grocery sector Tesco?

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