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I spent about an hour walking around and observing the spatial layout of Dundas & Bloor west and took a lot of photos. According to these photos, because it was on a cold morning, the field site was very quiet but harmonious. There were just a few people, most of whom were old people and young people walking on the street, and these people seemed to be very leisurely and happy from their appearances and facial expressions. However, these people seldom had interactions with each other. Apart from this, a lot of birds were flying in the sky, which made this place very active and lively. Based on these photos, the sky was extremely blue, so it was quite easy to guess that the air was very fresh. Besides, based on these photos, there were not so many high buildings in this field site. In this way, the spatial layout here was not compact but quite loose, so the residents here could have more chances to get close to nature and may feel freer. What is more, the traffic here was quite smooth here, which was completely different from the scene of crowded traffic in other big cities around the world especially in some developing countries and large-population countries such as cities in China and India. Also, the trolleybus was a very obvious image on the street, which just increased the harmony of this field site. There is no doubt that a variety of low carbon transports such as the trolleybus and subway have made a great contribution to the clean environment and fresh air of this field site.

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