Truth Test Case

Truth Test Case

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If truth is not a universal category, can we argue for any moral
absolutes that apply to all people, or can we argue for the truth of
our own religious, political or social views? What would it mean for
truth to only be subjective? Give your evaluation of these questions.
Can we attain truth? Can people agree on truth? Are there any such
things as universal truths? is every idea of morality and truth just a
subjective reality other than an objective reality? Regardless of your
answer 1) you need to be able to recognize your own subjectivity –
what are some of the elements of your upbringing, background,
experiences, personal beliefs etc,- that may color your perception of
the world? Name these things and describe how they may affect you as
you think about the world and interact with others. You don’t have to
get too personal, but for the things you do talk about, be honest and
reflective. Be sure to articulate your ideas clearly and consider
possible responses to those that may disagree. Remember philosophy is
about arguing through reason, logic, evidence etc- for your own
opinion, not just stating it.

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