Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

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1) Diagnostic summary made by the entire students in class. You might notice some inconsistencies. Please ignore them, but please focus on what the assignment ask for. 2) You will find a worksheet “Treatment plan”. Please fill it out keeping prioritization in mind. 3) You will need to read Chapter 5, in the text in order to come up with a perfect work. 5) Only one page is required for this work.

This is a 54-year old divorced white male.  He is childless (inconsistent) and lives in Beerville, PA, by himself.

He has owned his home for twenty years.  He lives in three bedroom house.  His home is very disorganized and in bad condition.  The patient states that he has no excuse for the condition of his home.  Patient states that he is very good with his hands and has hte skill and the knowledge to repair his home.  Patient states that he just doesn’t have the drive to do so.  Al states that he may be a hoarder.

Study Books Used in Class: Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical
Guide Paperback – June 17, 2011 by Robert R. Perkinson


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