Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment

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Select an organization, of your choice, that conducts a formal or informal training needs assessment. The organization can be a profit or nonprofit status. Contact the appropriate human resource development representative and interview him or her by phone or personal visit. Ask the following questions: o How do you determine/assess/analyze training needs? o What efforts do you make to conduct a planned or formal training needs assessment? o How do you determine what training to offer and what the content of that training should be? o If you can, please describe the training needs assessment process step-by- step. o What, if anything, have you learned about the needs assessment process? Part II Prepare the following Summary Report of your visit for class review. You are encouraged to be creative during your interview and ask any additional questions regarding the needs assessment process you determine are appropriate. Make sure you address the following in your presentation. a. Explain the relevance between this assignment and the course topic. b. Illustrate the importance of the findings to HRD/OD professionals. c. Explain the process used by the organization. d. Evaluate the scope of the needs assessment process used by that organization, and whether it is truly effective or not effective based on the readings for this lesson. e. Outline two to three recommendations you consider important to the needs assessment process you might recommend to this organization and explain why they’re relevant

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