Training and Development Assignment Briefings

Training and Development Assignment Briefings

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This assignment is to be done in pairs (two people). Go to the website of a company of your choice. Explore this company’s approach to training and development. Once you have chosen your company and found that it does have good information, please come and consult with me. Your assignment will be professionally presented and be informative about the approaches the companies take to training and development. In your assignment you will be expected to provide and introduction, commentary about the company’s training and development and how it supports the mission, vision and values. Your answer should not be restricted to just the information available on the company’s web page – you will gain extra points for additional information sourced from library or scholarly sources. You will be expected to follow the guidelines for the presentation of academic and scholarly reports. You will be expected to reference your work using APA referencing where required. You will be expected to paraphrase and will lose marks for obvious cutting and pasting.

I would like to see some innovative thinking with regard to the choice of company – that is looking at training and development in the MENA region. Companies in the Gulf region or companies that are doing interesting work – charity organizations, none—governmental organizations. Evidence of original thinking regarding the choice of company will attract extra credit.

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