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tort law

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Ellis drives a milk tanker. One day whilst driving around a roundabout in town the tanker valve breaks and milks starts to gush onto the road. At that moment, Frankie was passing Ellis’s tanker on his motorbike. In his haste to avoid skidding on the milk, Frankie accelerated and lost control of his motorbike, which mounted the kerb, narrowly missed Geri and crashed through the large window of the shop where Helen worked. Frankie suffered serious facial injuries and his right leg was severed below the knee. Helen was in the shop at the time and tried to comfort Frankie until an ambulance arrived. Helen was a close friend of Frankie’s mother and had known Frankie since he was a child. She subsequently experienced persistent psychological problems. Geri suffered recurrent panic attacks and was afraid to go into town. There is no explanation as to why the tanker valve broke. Advise Frankie, Geri and Helen of their rights in the tort of negligence. Use relevant case law to support your answer. (70 marks)


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