the topics are given choose 1

the topics are given choose 1

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All Students must make use of at least ONE Visual Aid (i.e.  Powerpoint, Photocopied Handouts, Flow-Chart, Stick-on Posting, Document Camera Material, etc.).   Students undertaking Group Orals must elect a Chairperson for their Group.  This person will be responsible for contacting Group Members, arranging group planning sessions, and reporting any conduct not helpful to the Group Process.   All Students in class will be engaged in Peer Evaluation or Assessment of their fellow students as part of this process.  We will all be filling out Peer Evaluation Forms to grade and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker or group delivering a Presentation. While the Oral is judged primarily as an “oral” assignment in this Course,  all students or groups will be required to submit an Outline or Notes to their Presentation to the Instructor as part of their Assignment Work on this project.  Students requiring photocopies should arrange to send their Instructor all materials at least one week in advance of their speaking date.  Students will be allowed to form their own work groups or pairs for this project—however, if you are unable to get into a group for any reason, let your Instructor know—so that this can be arranged for you.  Suggested Topics will be distributed in-class; however, students are encouraged to come up with their own topic.

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