To what extend a government that declares a state of emergency can maintain order without the violation of Human Rights

To what extend a government that declares a state of emergency can maintain order without the violation of Human Rights

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This dissertation provide a discussion around the state of emergency and the violation of Human Rights.I have attached my dissertation proposal – plan which includes every sub-argument that should be included on the dissertation. The writer will have to write the dissertation based on the provided proposal – plan.You must note that when you are referring to Human Rights, you must refer to International Human Rights.Each sub-argument on the dissertation must always be supported and interrelated with the main argument. The work must not be descriptive and must interrelated with the main argument and promote the main argument.Learning outcomes: To undertake an in-depth study using appropriate methods of investigation To collect and analyse a range of relevant literature and sources relating to their enquiry To keep accurate records of their research To manage their own learning time; To critically evaluate and report on their findingsAssessment criteria: Reading and Knowledge: extensive reading and comprehensive knowledge Understanding and Analysis: awareness of issues, original and critical analysis, wider significance Argument: persuasive, defensible, original, logical, convincing Organisation and Presentation: development of material and argument, well-presented and written, extensive bibliography, flawless footnotes.This dissertation must demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of major concepts and theories with evidence of a clear understanding of the limits of knowledge. It must provide a critical analysis and a convincing argument provide evidence of a thorough awareness of the pertinent issues relevant to the study. A wide range of the appropriate literature must be used effectively.

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