“Think Sometimes Outside the Box”

“Think Sometimes Outside the Box”

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Look attentively at the figure entitled “Think Sometimes Outside the Box” on page 4 of the course syllabus and try on your own to link the nine dots with four (only four) straight and continuous lines (without lifting the pen). Whether or not you were successful at linking the nine dots with four straight and continuous lines, write a 100 to 150
word-essay explaining why it would be challenging for many people to link the nine dots with four straight lines without lifting the pen. To submit blogs in this course, you click on the link to the blog as it appears in one of the subheadings of Course Documents, create a blog entry by typing it, and post it. Do not submit blogs from course
tools, as attachments, or as email messages. This is Blog 1 and it is worth 2 points (2 percent of your final grade)

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