Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework

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The writer must be able to watch the Movie The Blind Side based on Michael Oher life. Select two theories of personality presented in the
book of Theories of Personality (10 the ed.).Belmont, CA: Cengage/Wadsworth. Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2013). To examine
and analyze and then apply these theories to the Film Character of Michael Oher in the Movie The Blind Side. Do not describe the movie
character. This part you will only be an examination of two personality theories. The two personality theories to apply to the character will
be the Behavioral and Social-Cognitive. Also, address the following area for each theory: Basic philosophies of the theory.( Describe the
main theoretical tenets, view of human nature, Describe three to four theoretical constructs, Identify limitations and criticisms of the
theory, and discuss how this theory compliments your own view of personality development.

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