Theoretical Approaches to International Communication

Theoretical Approaches to International Communication

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I need you to read the chapter that I download it, and answer from the 5 question just 2 or 3 question in one page please and I want each answer should be 100 words and more not less please 🙂 you must quote from the textbook in each question ..  Q1: What media model(s) do you think affects American society the most? Why?  Q2: Compare and contrast Soviet’s media to America’s media. Which media type do you think is better? Q3: “The media of affluent countries spend so little time on the constructive dimensions of other nations that the average media uses in those countries can be forgiven up to a point for being unaware that there are any” (p.28). Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use American media example Q4: Do you think small-scale media is an effective approach? Why or why not? Q5: Which concept/idea/issue of this chapter do you find most or least interesting and why?

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