The Sociological Imagination

The Sociological Imagination

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Paper 1: The Sociological ImaginationAssigned Readings: #1, #2, #3, (you will need to discuss at least 3 of these, see below) Page limit: 5 pages Mill’s conception of the sociological imagination is central to this course and to the discipline of sociology. In your introductory paragraph pretend you are talking to your friends or family and briefly explain:a.) What is the sociological imagination,b.) how does it relate to the role of context, and c.) how does the sociological imagination help us to reframe personal troubles as public issues? Next, in the body paragraphs of your essay apply these concepts to three topics; how does the sociological imagination shed light on:a.) the issues related to family that Stephanie Coontz discusses in reading #2,b.) the case of Hernando Washington that Lisa McIntyre discusses in reading #3, and c.) explain to what extent you conceive of your life as shaped by social factors outside of your control. In your conclusion, address how you think your friends or family would react to the sociological perspective.Please use sources in this book for Ch. 1-3 :The Practical Skeptic: Readings in SociologyCan you use the book i mentioned that for sources. Don`t use outside sources.

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