The social context of behavior

The social context of behavior

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Weekly reading response (Internal students bring your reading response to class) (EXTERNAL FLO only students—you need to post your 250 words to the online tutor). Write a 250 word response to one of the following questions using theoretical and research evidence from your readings. Reference your writing correctly and see the criteria in the back of the Topic details. Write your name and student ID followed by the question at the top of the page. 1 Do you think people who are economically advantaged (i.e. those who are ‘richer’) get better access to health care than people who are economically disadvantaged (i.e. those who are ‘poorer’)? 2 What are the structural determinants of health? What are the implications of these for providing health care? 3 How does ethnicity influence health? Is there anything that health professionals can do in relation to the influences of ethnicity in determining health outcomes?


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