The Real Hip-Hop

The Real Hip-Hop

The Real Hip-Hop

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The Real Hip-Hop This paper will be a review of the book, The Real Hiphop: Battling for Knowledge, Power, and Respect in the LA Underground, by Marcyliena Morgan. The review will need to follow the guidelines below. General Criteria and Quality.
This paper must be a minimum 4 and maximum of 6 pages, double spaced, 12 point font. The reference page is not included in this calculation. Put page numbers on your paper. Give your paper a title. Select a theme as a focus of the paper. Themes can include: race, gender, language/linguistics, stereotypes, history, power, politics, social structure, or identity. You can also select your own theme. For your paragraph structure, write an introductory sentence for each paragraph, that describes the topic of the paragraph. Each paragraph should also have a conclusion sentence summarizing the topic of the paragraph. There should also be good transitions between paragraphs that link them together and lead to a logical flow. Use subheadings.
Grammar counts in the quality points.

Describe at least five hiphop terms or phrases in the paper.
Define what hiphop is in the paper. Include the five elements of hiphop.
Write an introduction describing what the book is about. Who is the author? What is her background? What is her overall thesis of the book?
This paragraph should explain to the reader what the book is about and what is covered in the book. This paragraph should also introduce the theme of your paper.
Describe both the historical context of the book as well as the academic background leading up to the book. What is the time and place involved in this book? What prior research and academic work had been written that this author relies upon? Cite specific research and include the full citations in the references page at the end.
Describe the methods that the author used to write this book. How did she go about gathering her information for this book? Specifically, what anthropological methods did she use? What perspective did she use? Refer to specific concepts that we have discussed in lecture. Use relevant anthropological terms.
Discuss the book and what you found of interest in the book. Focus on a particular aspect of the book to organize your discussion, based on one or more of the themes above, or your own theme. Describe what information she used to support her arguments or thesis. Cite specific examples of evidence she used to relay her information. Do other authors support her perspective or conclusions?
What is your opinion of the book? Was it informative? Was it well written? Did it leave anything out that you wondered about? Do you agree or disagree with the position the author takes?
Write a conclusion about the book, tying the theme of your paper together. What do you think research on this topic should include in the future?


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