The range of employment opportunity within the Commerce

The range of employment opportunity within the Commerce

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The range of employment opportunity within the Commerce logistics sector in China:The logistic industry in China is at its rapid developing stage. While the existing logistics system has not been able to keep up with the purchasing ability of Chinese Internet users. According to a report of portal sites from Chinese government, Alibaba’s shopping festival at November 11 makes many delivery companies out of stock. Nowadays the logistics management level and the scale could not meet the growing scale of e-commerce in China. The development of e-commerce has continuously brought the development of logistics and financial services model.Thus there is a increasing need of professional talents to build a complete logistics system that helps the development of Chinese e-commerce. In China, Jingdong Mall, through many years of construction, has a huge self-built logistics department, which greatly save the logistics cost to improve the efficiency. And alibaba also began to joint the existing logistics company and organized the "rookie" logistics department to meet the challenges of the jingdong. As a largest logistics organization in China, Shunfeng achieves great evolution through electric commerce.But facing the challenge of the jingdong and alibaba logistics department, Shunfeng Company has also been gradually adjust and transits to international logistic. These three logistics departments all have considerably potential in China.There are so many range of employment opportunity within the Commerce logistics sector. For example: Warehouse Administrator, Courier, Network Engineer, and Data Analyst. In the Internet age, information technology has become increasingly important. The e-commerce logistics sector can through the network data collection and analysis to improve efficiency, there is deferment traditional logistics and store which requires personnel with expertise.

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