The New Staff Members Not a “Hail and Farewell”

The New Staff Members Not a “Hail and Farewell”

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Grading/Evaluation StandardsWritten assignments are graded using the following criteria. A “Successful Paper” is written effectively using APA-6 format, is neat, and shows attention to detail. The sentences are complete, clear, concise, and well-constructed following the “three-part communication model.” It adheres to the Rules of Grammar, word usage, and punctuation. Content should be comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. The paper also demonstrates an understanding of the relevant subject matter with citations per APA guidelines.The tone of the paper is appropriate to the audience, content, and assignment.A “Passing Paper” may or may not use most of the traits described above. In general, the paper is balanced and the strengths outweighing the weaknesses, with a small amount of revision necessary.A “Poor Paper” has a bare beginning, the writing does not show control, and the need for revision outweighs the strengths. The paper is ineffective and lacks proper structure, format, and motivation.Preferred language style US English

This essay is base around a military event! I have uploaded an example essay. I would like to use the references at the end of his essay but not the write-up, it can be similar but not the same. I hope you understand my instructions, if not feel free to contact me here.

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