The motion picture 12 Angry Men

The motion picture 12 Angry Men

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Topic Title The motion picture 12 Angry Men represents a process of
deliberation performed by members of a (historically clearly
identified) community. The decision this process of deliberation
finally results in can be qualified as ‘rational’. It is rational,
because it is brought about in accordance with rules and satisfies
well-defined conditions (most notably: unanimity in regard to the norm
established by the principle of reasonable doubt). In this sense the
movie thus represents a process of deliberation resulting in a
rational decision. Now, what does the movie represent to be the most
important drivers and obstacles of this process? Or, in other words:
What forces and factors are essentially involved in bringing about a
process of this type with such an outcome? Please explore this
question in your essay by making thoughtful use of the theories and
text-portions we have studied throughout the semester (taken from: On
Interpretation, Prior Analytics, Fixation of Belief, Rhetorica) in
order to develop your own account


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