The Influence of Educational Outcomes and Other Factors

The Influence of Educational Outcomes and Other Factors

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The paper is to be constructed in the form of a research proposal with follow-on quantitative analysis and presentation of findings. The first part should be two to three pages, typed and double-spaced. It will identify and describe an issue of importance: included in this description is the economic theory composing the issue. THE FIRST PART SHOULD BE FINISHED AND UPLOADED earlier. Thank you.The second part (the annotated bibliography/literature review)should present and discuss the important concepts from five to seven sources (from scholarly journals) and how they can be applied to your issue of importance. The third part should be five to seven pages and present a well-defined research question with a clearly defined methodological approach; data sources and necessary empirical approaches should be presented and discussed. Would the writer please use SPSS OR STATA to analyze the data? The fourth part should pull together the first three parts as well as empirical (sic, econometric results into a complete and well-constructed applied economic analysis. The fifth and last part includes the preparation of an Executive Summary to be used as part of an articulated Implementation Plan. In addition, it is a very important paper for me. Plagiarism is not allowed! Thank you so much.

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