The Fugitive

The Fugitive

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Do not provide a summary of the story. Do not review the film.
1)First, explain the difference between form and content in the film. Then, select a scene and explain how the form reinforces the content. In this explanation discuss the idea of cinematic language and how it is utilized in the scene. For example, does the scene manipulate timeand space? Second, when does it use parallel editing? How does thefilm use patterns? Give examples from specific scenes. 2) explain the difference between explicit meaning and implicit meaning in the film. Then, summarize what the film is “about” explicitly and also implicitly. give a justification as to what you think the film is implicitly about. 3) what is the film’s genre? could it be considered more than one genre? how do you know? what were some of the conventions used? is there anything innovated the film did in relation to it’s genre(s)? meaning, did it do anything new or unique that you haven’t seen in other films of the same genre(s)?

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