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the beats

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Since this module is covering America following World War II, I wanted to include an assignment that would deal with some of the
cultural changes that would start to take place in the decade that followed! One aspect that came out of the Post War World were the
Beats or Beatniks as they have commonly been referred to. For your assignment I want you to conduct some outside research on The Beats, I encourage you to research some of the actual individuals who became famous for being a part of this cultural movement! You can start by
entering the site below, which gives a brief overview of the Beats and has links for some of the famous icons from that movement that you can explore. You may also want to search other websites as well for your essay response. Following your research I want you to produce a 5
paragraph essay discussing your reaction to this topic. Some questions to consider when writing your essay: 1. Who were the Beats and how did they create a unique subculture of their own? 2. Who were some individuals that were involved in this cultural movement? 3. How did the Beats impact American society? You might do a search on the television show titled, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” to help answer this! 4. Do you feel that the Beats helped shape the 1960’s, why or why not? 5. What is something you learned after conducting your research?

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