Tesla Motors case study

Tesla Motors case study

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Read the “Tesla Motors” case study starting on page 631 of your textbook and answer the questions below.
Briefly (i.e., in no more than a few sentences), what are the main issues affecting the organization at the time the case study ended? [1 pt.] 2. Analyze the external environment of this organization. [2 pts.] 3. Analyze the internal environment of this organization. [2 pts.] 4. Describe the different levels of strategy for this firm using terminology from the course and assess how well they are working. [2 pts.] 5. Summarize your SWOT analysis in a chart in the exhibits. Create a TOWS matrix in the exhibits based on your analyses (see: http://mba-lectures.com/management/strategicmanagement/1248/tows-or-swot-matrix-of-toyota.html). State what your main recommendations are for solving the issues that you identified in the first question. [2.0 pts.] 6. Briefly, update us in no more than a few sentences on what happened (with respect to the issues identified in the first question after the case ended and the extent to which they were solved. [1 pt.]

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