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Please read the following Terms of Use as they are important for better understanding of your legal rights and obligations. These Terms of Use apply to the “Service” or “Services” offered through the website or mobile application or any other interactive feature. In these Terms of Use, Tutors Cube is referred to as “Tutors Cube,” “TutorsCube,” “We,” “Our,” and “Our Company.” Any individual or entity using the Services of Tutors Cube is referred to as “Customer,” “Client,” “User” “You,” and “Your.”


It is clear that you agree to these Terms of Use once you have reviewed them and accepted them before placing your order with us. By accepting these Terms of Use, you at this moment waive your right to participate in a Class Action Lawsuit or class-wide arbitration.


There are other supporting / additional documents (“Additional Terms”) that are also provided on the website / mobile application and should be reviewed as the company adds them related to a particular service or other feature offered at different times.


Account Registration & Termination


Tutors Cube provides various services through its website or mobile applicable to its customers to meet their academic requirements at competitive prices. You may not register more than one account, and you may not allow access to your account to anyone else. The information that you provide at the time of registration should be complete and accurate. If your age is less than 18 years at the time of registration then your parent(s) or guardian(s) who are responsible for the payment to act on your behalf and arrange the services for you should complete the registration process.


The information provided by the user at the time of the registration should be kept confidential and not shared with anyone. It is the responsibility of the user to update personal information and should also ensure the accuracy of the information provided to the company. You can only register one account and multiple accounts will be tracked and blocked. Moreover, the user should not allow other users to use their account as all transactions carried out from the account will be the responsibility of the user whose details have been used for registration. In any case of misuse or violation of terms and conditions set out in this document, TutorsCube has the right to cancel membership and terminate account services.


TutorsCube reserves the right to limit the availability of services, content, and any other application/product/program to individuals and geographical areas. It is the sol discretion of the company to control the content provided on the website or through its services.


Proprietary Rights


TutorsCube own and operate all services offered through its website/application / program. The content provided on the website is protected from unauthorized use, copying, and distribution by copyright and other applicable laws. Some of the information such as bibliographic content is provided by the third party, and their copyrights are acknowledged and provided along with the content. Any unauthorized use of the materials provided by TutorsCube on its platform may result in the violation of copyright, trademark, patent, and other applicable laws.


License to Use TutorsCube


Acceptance of TutorsCube terms and conditions grants the user a limited, personal, non-commercial, revocable, and non-transferrable license to view the company’s content and use its services. The information provided on the company’s website shall not be modified and presented in any form other than in the form permissible under the company’s terms and conditions. The user for only personal and non-commercial purpose can use the customized material provided by the company. The company’s liability is limited to the initial order instructions and files. Any additional instruction or file provided by the client shall be treated as additional work and requires additional payment. The informational content prepared and provided by the company in the form of a live stream or online presentation shall not be reproduced and submitted to any online live streaming channel, social media platform, digital media platform, or any other search engine. The content is only for personal, non-commercial use. The live tutoring sessions are recorded and available to the user on demand. The tutoring live session recordings shall not be posted on any online live streaming channel, social media platform, digital media platform, or any other search engine.


Digital Content


The user may receive login details, passwords, codes, or other digital content. These should be kept confidential and only be used for personal use. The digital content may be updated or changed by the company without the consent of or intimation to users.


User Content and Activities


The user grants permission to TutorsCube to upload and publish problem, suggestion, idea, questions, course details, outlines, presentations, sample papers, testimonials, feedback, and order information when they submit, post, upload, communicate, or email to/with the company. The company has the privilege to modify this information to fit the design or format of the company’s website / application  / program. The user agrees that the company does not have any obligation to manage or monitor intellectual property issues related to the content provided by the user.


Mobile Use


TutorsCube services/programs/features are also available to the users and accessible through mobile devices. These features and services are governed by the same terms and conditions as the company’s website. The appearance of TutorsCube website / application may be altered to fit the mobile phone technology, and some of the features may not be available to the user as it may not be feasible to fit the mobile screen. The user agrees to the terms and conditions regarding the use of the company’s services on mobile phones.


Account Cancellation


The user may require canceling the account at any time by informing the company. The account will be put on hold for one month before all details related to the account are removed and the account will be deleted.


Refund Policy

Tutors Cube holds no responsibility whatsoever for the content of pre-written orders. They are submitted by students and tutors to our website and our company only acts as the supplier of these pre-written orders. We do not check these orders for their content and requirements. They are only for reference purpose to gain understanding of the topic or order. Once the order is completed and the pre-written order is delivered to the user then the transaction is completed and no refund can be issued for such orders.




TutorsCube will accept payments through Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Payza




The company offers presentation services in the form of PPT or any other online format. The presentation services include a detailed illustration of research, keywords, approach, explanation, or any support that could help students to complete their tasks on their own. These presentations will be provided to users according to their requirements, and they should not be distributed online.




The company offers outline services in the form of a word document or any other online format. The presentation services include a detailed outline for their order placed by students. The purpose of such outlines is to provide support to students to complete their tasks on their own. These outlines will be provided to users according to their requirements, and they should not be distributed online.


Interaction with Tutors and Use of Lesson Services


The company provides online tutoring services through its WhiteBoard® application (a third party freeware tool) and it does not hold any liability or responsibility related to the use of this tool. The company only facilitates the tutoring services between users and tutors. Tutors Cube does not endorse any tutor, and it is the responsibility of the user or individuals acting on behalf of the users under contract age to confirm the identity and suitability of tutors. Although the company requires its users to provide complete and accurate information while registering, the company does not have any test to confirm the identity, experience, or qualification of tutors. Furthermore, the company does not hold any responsibility regarding the content, information, discussion, words, truth, accuracy, completeness, quality, legality or material provided by tutors. If the tutor is found to be in any illegal activity, then you should close the session and inform the company. The company will take suitable action against the reported tutor.


Tutoring Attachments


The company provides tutoring sessions during which there could be a share of files or attachments. The company is not responsible or liable for any exchange of files, and these files may be available to other Internet Users. The company records the tutoring session for quality and improvement purposes. The user has the responsibility of downloading the files shared by the tutor of Tutors Cube and checking its compatibility and security before accessing it.




By accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby waive off the company from any legal actions. All services are provided to you with assurances that they will be free of plagiarism and satisfy your requirements. However, the outcome of the material supplied by the company cannot be used as a basis for any legal action. The company’s customer support and quality management department will review the case and only they will decide the outcome of the claim made by the user regarding any written material provided by the company.




Some of the company’s services including writing, outline, and presentations may be subject to revisions requested by users. The company will provide free revisions to customers according to the following terms.

14 days of free revision – Any order other than dissertations or theses.

30 days of free revision – Dissertations or Theses.

No free revision will be provided to online tutoring sessions or online exams that the company may undertake on behalf of students.

In the case of the student not achieving pass, the company will provide free revision as per the terms provided above. The company will not provide a refund in such cases. It can consider discount code or partial repayment in the case of written orders not achieving a pass. The user will be required to provide complete evidence for such grade resulting from the company’s provided material.


Privacy Policy


The company collects user information and payment information for processing the user account and any purchase that is made on the company’s website. However, the information is not disclosed to any third part for any purpose. The company does not save payment information and every time the user will be requested to provide payment details to process the transaction.


Membership and User Accounts


The company’s services can be acquired by users upon signing up with their personal details. The access to the account should not be shared with other users, and only one user per account is allowed. The payment information will not be stored by the company, and on every purchase, the user will have to provide payment details. The company has the right to review the account activity, and any fraudulent activity or misuse of the user account shall be dealt with an immediate closure of the account and the case being forwarded to the concerned department for taking actions against the user who may be involved in the act.


Discount Codes and Free Trial Memberships


The company may offer discount codes for new users, loyalty programs, and other promotions and free trial membership to users that will be limited for a specific period and should only be availed by intended users of the system. The discount code gives a specific discount regarding value or percentage of the price of the service to be provided by the company. These codes and membership offers should be availed as per the terms and conditions laid out by the company in this document. The user may cancel the free trial by contacting the customer service of the company.


Tutors Cube Honor Code


The company provides information, services, or materials to students to assist them in achieving a better understanding of concepts, ideas, problems, and requirements. The user should ensure that the company’s provided material is not used for cheating. The user should respect and abide by the ethical requirements of the academic institution and restrain from any actions that could be considered to be in violation of terms and conditions of the institution. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the user to honor the academic code of conduct.

We would like users to understand that they should not violate academic integrity and should use the material by the company to improve their work rather than cheating.

On the other hand, educators should ensure that the resources that they provide to students are unique and take into consideration the code of academic integrity. It must be understood that educators are users of the system and they should not involve in the infringement of academic codes.


Contacting Tutors Cube


You can contact the company or its customer service department by writing an email to support@tutorscube.com or filling in the contact form at http://www.tutorscube.com/contact/.