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Technical Reporting Writing

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Fatigue is a condition characterized by lack of energy and motivation (Gander et al., 2013). Fatigue affects both the physical and mental dimensions of health. In humans, fatigue can be a normal response to mental and physical activity. There are cases where fatigue is a symptom of an underlying disease. Individuals who are fatigued often lack the motivation required to begin an activity, they tend to tire very fast and have difficulty in concentrating and making decisions (Honn et al., 2016). Most of these signs and symptoms can be captured by the facial expression, change in temperature, and even tests.

Several technologies can be used to capture data in the cockpit environment with minimal change in the current design. Modern cockpits have sensors that can be used to detect changes in temperature and humidity. Imaging technology has developed such that smart phones are capable of detecting smiles. These developments can be leveraged to create a system of sensors that can be used to collect real time data on the pilots. This data is then fed into an expert system that uses machine-learning algorithms to determine the level of fatigue (Powell, Spencer, & Petrie, 2011). Alternatively, tests can be scheduled at select stages of the flight. The test scores can be used to determine the levels of fatigue with or without data collected from the sensors.

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