Team Presentation Evaluation of group

Team Presentation Evaluation of group

Order Details:

1- How to write a journal entry: this file has a Guide on how to do the assignment and how you need to organize the journal. Also it has all the information of the style and the spacing and the font size.

2- Annotated sample: this file has a sample to help you to do the journal and you need to do the a journal similar to it. Also, it has an explanation of the uses of the headings. And how the journal should be. And has

3- Team presentation Video: This is a video of the team presentation and I need you to evaluate their skills in the presentation.

4- Presentation Rubric: this file has the grades in the four elements of the presentation. (Massage, Organization, Design Style). Also you need look at it to help to determine (Condition, Affect, Cause).

5- Journal2: This file basically tells you what should you include in the journal. Please look at all files and read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

6- Journal1: this is the journal that you did for me and it has the professor comments please read it and try to make the changes in the journal 2 to meet this comments.

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