Taking it and making it personally

Taking it and making it personally

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More and more artists are taking themselves as the subjects for their work. This essay look at documentarians who have placed themselves in central roles in their artistic practice.
The artists I have decided to choose from are Marlon Riggs, Trin T. Mihn-ha, Ross McElwee, Cindy Sherman and Francesca Woodman. My preferences are Ross McElwee and Cindy Sherman in which we can look at self portrait both in cinema and in photography.

I’ve a list of readings related to these artist which I’ll wright here. These are necessary readings that I need to cite them in my paper.

Petty, Sheila. “Silence and its opposite: Express of Race in Tongues United, “in Barry Keith Grand and Jeannette Sloniowsi(ed) Documenting the Documentary. Wayne State University Press, 2002.

Mihn-Ha Trinh T. and Chen, Nancy. “Speaking Nearby,” from visualizing Theory, pp. 317-335, edited by Lucien Taylor. Rutledge, 1994

Ceuvas, Efran. “Sculpting the Self: Autobiography according to Ross McElwee,” from landscape of self, ed. Cuevas and Alberto Garcia, pp. 37-68. Madrid U.P., 2007

Bronfen, Elisabeth, “The Other Self of the Imagination: Cindy Sherman’s Hysterical Performance,” pp.13-26, Cindy Sherman Photographic Work, 1975-1995, Zdenek Felix and Martin Schwander, ends., Schirmer Art Books, 1995

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