Systems Analysis Design for a Business Plan.

Systems Analysis Design for a Business Plan.

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 Process management and it’s relationship to systems analysis. What does a systems analyst need to know about the business processes and why?

 Identify the relationship between a Project Manager and a Systems Analyst.  Some of this was covered in earlier lessons.  What activities is each responsible for?  Under what circumstances may these roles be handled by one person?  At what times should management ensure that they are handled separately?

 Structured, Agile or  ___?  Select a development method (these were identified in chapter one and may have been addressed in Week 1 discussion board).  How does the selection of a development method affect the activities of a systems analyst during the development of the logical model.

 Select and describe a development strategy.  What are the benefits and the challenges of the strategy that you identified?  What considerations must a systems analyst address to minimize the risk posed by utilizing this strategy.

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This week, we covered the last 2 phases:  Systems Implementation and Systems Support and Security.

This forum has 5 topics from which to select.  Select one to post your initial response.  Make sure you address all of the questions in full in your response.

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In this forum, we will further the exploration of design considerations.  for this forum, we will utilize some

of the Cases that are identified in the text for Chapter 8.

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 List the various documents that have been discussed througout the book. Which documents were generated in which phase of the SDLC?  Who was responsible for their creation?   Think back to the types of users noted in Chapter 1 of the book.  Who, if any, is involved in their review and approval of the documents?

 What happens with these documents once the system is in production?  What use do they have after the system is in production and why, if ever, would they be changed?

 Describe the role of the system analyst after a system has been implemented, if the system analyst is the company’s employee.

 What happens with the business case during the system development life cycle?  Where is it introduced?  Where, if any, is it revisited?

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