Synthesis Paper Outline and a Summary

Synthesis Paper Outline and a Summary

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Scholars have classified surgical site infections as one of the most common complications after surgery (Webster & Alghamdi, 2013). Statistical reports show that about 160, 000 to 300,000 cases of SSIs occur in America (Anderson et al., 2014). Despite the advances in infection control techniques and the increase in SSI awareness among medical professional as well as the public, SSIs remain a significant issue (Savage and Anderson, 2013). Surprisingly, research shows that the implementation of evidence-based guidelines has the potential to prevent approximately 60% of these infections (Anderson et al., 2014; Schweizer et al., 2013). Apart from SSIS being the most common nosocomial infections, they are also the most expensive (Schweizer et al., 2013). According to Anderson et al. (2014), healthcare expenditures associated with SSIs range from $ 3.5 to $ 10 billion each year in the United States.

Outline with a summary of one research study Write 1 -2 pages that include:1. Outline of your synthesis paper that includes your research problem, lists of the studies to be included, and outcome variable. 2. Summary of one research article that includes the purpose of the study, research design, instruments, variables, data analysis procedures, results, implications, strength and limitations of the study and link to your research problem.Preferred language style   US English

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