SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

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  1. Unleash workforce creativity, productivity, and agility by supporting the conversion of ideas to action and action to mission impact.
  2. The implementation of ideas is to be improved with necessary steps to have better action results of certain missions.
  3. The management of resources will be improved with a proper system and inventory of the resources able to be used in different missions in the future.
  4. The planning section of the DIA to be better improved for more relevant and effective ideas.
  5. Proper leadership will become more abundant with less use of management within the DIA.


  1. Ideas are brought to the table, yet not well implemented into action is a main issue and main focus with the 2013 DIA Innovation Strategy Plan.
  2. The issue of managing resources within the DIA is another issue to focus on in the DIA Innovation Strategy Plan.
  3. The planning mechanism of the DIA is an issue to be focused upon.
  4. Proper leadership should be better appointed with the reduction of management within the DIA.
  5. Innovation within the DIA is needed to be more abundant and spread throughout the staff of this agency.

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